We just updated our beloved Mel-Lofi free virtual instrument plugin to version 2.0.

What we added/changed:

  • as you see, the GUI is changed to make room for new features; we took advantage of the opportunity and tried to make it more attractive;
  • 4 completely new effects were added: delay, chorus, distortion with cabinet emulation, and reverb (different from the previous reverb);
  • the background fx layers remain the same but they have new volume sliders and icons;
  • we added a velocity knob, allowing you to play as usual with velocity sensitivity enabled, but also with fixed velocity like the original real instrument. The fixed velocity can be adjusted;
  • the plugin now has 24 multi-sampled presets, with one more than the previous version. The preset is called Octave Strings and emulates old tape strings.

We hope you like the new update!

IMPORTANT: if you have projects created with Mel-Lofi 1.0, please note down your preset names before upgrading. But if wish, you can have both versions installed on your computer.

NOTE: The previous version is still available in your downloads section.

In other news, we would like to inform you that the 50% discount for Retromania ends this weekend. If you are interested in a plugin that recreates the iconic sounds of the 80s, now is your chance to buy it for only $10.