We present a collection of commercial virtual instrument plugins for PC and Mac users (VST, VST3 & AU).

The list of plugins includes virtual instruments for genres such as Lofi, Hip Hop, Retro Pop, Synthwave, Cinematic, Ambient, EDM, etc.

They are characterized by a user-friendly interface and offer access to sound in an intuitive and simple way.


RetroGrit – $28

Seamlessly melding the allure of Retro tones with the cozy warmth of Lofi sounds, RetroGrit brings forth a unique sonic experience.

RetroGrit comes packed with 80 multi-sampled presets sourced from vintage analog synthesizers: Keys, Leads, Bells, Plucks, Synths, and Pads.


Retromania – $30

Retromania is designed to provide musicians and producers with the perfect set of tools to create authentic, vintage synth sounds reminiscent of the iconic pop music of the 80s and not only.

125 multi-sampled presets organized by category: keys, leads, pads, basses.


Amurg – $30

Amurg is characterized by lush evolving sounds, grainy textures, retro synth re-interpretations, dusty keys, vintage basses, and many more.

172 multi-sampled presets such as keys, leads, basses, pads, and fx – all the sounds captured from hardware synthesizers only.


Zumzet – $28

This instrument is equally beautiful & ugly, happy & sad, familiar & scary – it’s a novel where the main character goes through all emotional states.

Zumzet can be used virtually in any genre such as Lofi Hip Hop, Retro Pop, Synthwave, Cinematic, Horror & Game Music, etc.


Cosmic – $22

Cosmic brings a total of 61 multi-sampled pads inspired by the sounds of retro & modern SciFi movies, the greatness of the cosmos, and the beauty of the planets, stars, and galaxies.

Expect some rich and lively Cinematic pads, complex textures, and deep ambiances.


RetroVibes – $15

At the base of RetroVibes are a series of samples captured from hardware and software sources (synths & emulators).

There are 71 instrument presets in total, covering a wide palette of sounds, from brasses to leads, keys to basses, percussion, and pads.